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Frequently Asked Questions

(All players need to download and print the Heads Up Concussion Form to bring to the first practice.) 

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Bad Axe Soccer Association

What equipment is needed to play BASA?

Uniforms will be provided.  Each player must have a pair of shin guards and shoes.  Soccer cleats are not required (tennis shoes can be used) but, it is recommended that the player have soccer cleats.  Soccer cleats are different from baseball cleats - baseball cleats will not be allowed on the field.  No jewelry or earrings are allowed in practices or games.

When are games scheduled?

U-6-U14  games are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00.

How long is the season?

The fall season lasts from mid-August through mid-October.  The spring season begins in late April and lasts through the beginning of June.  

Will my child's team travel?  

The U-6 division will not travel.  The U-8, U-10, U-12, and U-14 will travel to other schools, as well as host other schools.  

How can I help?

BASA needs help in all areas from coaching, field set-up and tears down, concession workers, referees, and more.  BASA depends on parent volunteers to run our program.  Without your help, we cannot operate.  Please consider volunteering a few hours each week, or even once or twice during each season.  

What is my age bracket?

Your age bracket is determined by the player's age on January 1.  For example, a player who has turned 8 before January 1, would play in the U-10 (Under 10) division.  Soccer runs a split season:  Fall and Spring.  What ever age group you were in during Fall season is the age group you will be in during the Spring season.  *In no case may a player younger than 4 years old register for the BASA Soccer League.  

What is the cost to player soccer?

U-6 cost is $40 per player.  U-8 cost is $50 per player.  U-10, U-12 & U-14 cost is $65 per player.  

What size ball do I need?

U-6 & U-8 use a size 3 ball.  U-10 & U-12 use a size 4 ball.  U-14 uses a size 5 ball.  It is important that a player have the correct size ball for their age.  A ball is not required to play soccer for BASA, but it is strongly suggested that each player have their own ball for practice.  

Concussion Information Links:

(The Heads Up Concussion Training Video is required for all​ MSYSA coaches and trainers.  Print certificate upon completion.)